The Start Up

I don’t even really know what I am doing here but I am doing something which is better than nothing. Right?

I was thinking about doing a craft a week – but i can’t start that until I get to working on my sister’s wedding invitations.  She has already approved the mock-up and sent me wording and everything. I just need to paint 100 4×6 cards and 100 3×5 return postcards.

I also have some other stuff I want to start – but not too much because we are moving in the summer.  It is not 100% but it is 95%.   It won’t just be an in town move but to a new state and that is a big deal and since my husband will be moving about 3 months before (give or take a month)

So for the rest of January the goals are: go through supplies and figure out what I already have for the wedding invites and what I need to buy for the invites and response cards and then go buy it.

There’s a week left  so that shouldn’t be a huge problem.

~ by Dy-Anne! on 24 January 2012.

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