Laundry Day

Even though it’s Saturday today was all about staying in. I didn’t even change out of my pjs.
What I did do was some laundry. I also got rid of 275 items that are either being sold, donated or trashed. Most of the items were #4’s baby clothes. I pulled out a few additional pieces to eventually make into a quilt or dolls.
Considering how productive I was today I decided to get to the iron on t-shirts I’ve been meaning to make since I bought the supplies last September.
I totally skipped out on doing the dishes so I could craft for 2 hours. Good thing we have a giant box of plastic spoons.

This is the one I made for #4. Since we are a super soccer supporter family it’s only appropriate that her iron on monster is an American Outlaw.

#5 on the other hand got this one with a player which is appropriate since he started walking today. He will be our beast of a striker one day. I’m thinking the Landon Donovan of the 2030 World Cup when he’s just 19 years old. A mama can dream right?

I was having so much fun that I used some extra parts on an old tee for me. Who doesn’t love a flying giant eyeball?

~ by Dy-Anne! on 4 February 2012.

One Response to “Laundry Day”

  1. Those are awesome! AO huh?! I’m not associated with AO or Sam’s Army, but I’m a huge Nat’s fan. Anyway, very cute shirts.

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