Wedding Invitations

Oh my I finally finished them. It’s been 6 months since I first offered to make these invitations.
I got the design done and approved fairly quickly but didn’t start the work til after my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were all over. I knew it would be best to wait plus I’m a huge procrastinator and for a wedding in July I definitely had time.

The thing with these invitations is they are extra special. They are for my sister. Saying that is weird since I’m an only child.
What? Only child and a sister? Is she your best friend? Nope. I barely know her. She’s my sister by biology. My mom had her when she was 18 and gave her up for adoption. When my sister was 24 (and i was 16) she found my mom and reconnected.
Fast forward to the time of social networking and we were able to make a connection again.
Her being adopted is neither of our faults so we are just moving on with who we are now to be friends.
I’m so happy that she is getting remarried and it’s been an honor and a labor of love to make the invites for her.

Of course in completely relieved that I finally put them in the mail. I’m not so sure I will ever do more than maybe 25 invitations at once. 100 invitations and 100 response cards mostly by hand was a tedious process. I’m glad I did it though.



~ by Dy-Anne! on 19 April 2012.

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